vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

Take your bargain at Tinysand jewelry with 5 % discount

Tinysand Jewelry Charms Christmas Beautiful Gift 5 % Discount

Hi lovelies,
I'm back with a post about jewelry, but not mine this time.
Have you heard about Tinysand?
Tinysand is a brand designing, selling and distributing jewelry company. They sell charms, bracelets, necklaces, fine jewelry and more guilty pleasures or gifts. Their spirit is 'Twinkle all day long' and they love inspiring people with their high quality goods. I am truely amazed by their jewelry designs, and I can't wait to share this great discount I have for you in mind! Not to mention the selection of products I'm sharing in this post.
Sit back and relax, ladies. It's friday night, and it's time for a little treat.

dinsdag 18 oktober 2016

5 knit dresses that make you sparkle during fall

Girlmerry Dresses Clubwear Knitwear Fall Season Trends Fashion
Hi readers,
This post will be in English.
As you guys know, fall season has beautiful nature but the weather is killing every fashionista. Rain, windy, dark clouds, grey sky, unpredictable. Sometimes it's hard to choose the right clothes, because you just need to keep the practical things in mind too. It requires adjustment because the summer's over and now you can't wear short shorts anymore and you need to grab sweaters. 
If you live in a country like mine, Belgium, the weathers become so unpredictable for the last years that the seasons aren't that clear anymore. It's a big questionmark, due to the global warming.

vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

OOTD Outfit Ideas Comfy Princess Look Makeup & Fashion (Photoshoot)

OOTD Outfit Ideas Comfy Princess Look Makeup & Fashion (Photoshoot)

Hey allemaal,
Mijn nieuwste look ligt helemaal buiten mijn comfort zone. 
Ik heb meer make-up opgesmeerd dan EVER!
De reden dat ik dit wilde proberen? Wel, ik wilde eens kijken of ik mij beter zou voelen met al die lagen op mijn gezicht enerzijds. Dat was niet het geval, schmink geeft mij wel zelfvertrouwen maar of dat nu veel of weinig is doet er in feite niet toe. Anderzijds raakte in ge├»nspireerd door al die getalenteerde Instagram beauty bloggers. 
En ik wilde mijn beauty skills eens testen, om te zien of ik het ook kon.
Klik op 'meer lezen' om alles te bekijken.

dinsdag 11 oktober 2016

OOTD Outfit Ideas Inspirations Office Girl Look Makeup + Fashion

OOTD Outfit Ideas Inspirations Office Girl Look Makeup + Fashion
Hallo lieve lezers,
Vandaag een nieuwe fashion & beauty update, ditmaal een iets professionelere look voor op kantoor.

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